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I was able to recreate about 95% of what I had before from my web history and Recent Documents (since nearly everything in the DB was links to external URLs/docs). My main intended use will be as a 'control panel' that puts all of the documents, random generators, dice rollers, screens, etc. under one pane of glass for easy reference. I've tried other products (including MyInfo) but UR does it better than any other. I've got most things integrated into the browser, so it's very transparent as to whether you are editing an internal note or an external doc, or viewing a web resource. Even linking to .exe programs (e.g graph paper generator, dice roller) works very cleanly.

I'm running backup program test called Syncovery, which I like because it does block-level incrementals and synthetic backups with versioning. However, it can't do a shadow copy of the UR db when it's open. I may look for something that understands SQLite natively and can do a dump or something to back up.
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