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I recently had the same problem until I noticed the cause for it which I illustrate with the following example (see the screenshots):
I did a quick search for "utilitarianism" (which yielded many results; 0004.jpg), then clicked on the "advanced" button in order to modify the search criterion and search for "Kant" in item titles only. This second search yielded no results because, as I at first didn't notice, while I modified the search criterion under the "advanced"-button, the search expression from the previous quick search ("utilitarianism") was still there. So I actually and accidentally did no new search for "Kant" but an AND-search for "utilitarianism" AND "Kant" which yielded no results (0005.jpg). Only after deleting "utilitarianism" in the quick search did I get the results for "Kant" (0006.jpg).
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