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Re Shortcuts for "Search titles only", etc. (see above): Non-mnemonic shortcuts are better than are no shortcuts at all. ;-)

And I had to realize that AutoHotkey "ControlClick, Button8, ahk_exe UltraRecall.exe" and variants of that are totally unreliable, while it's evident that for many UR users, "just titles" is an important switch, and for others, "whole words" may be...

As for an intermediate solution, UR users could use something like controlsend, Button8, {space}, ahk_exe UltraRecall.exe, which makes a reliable toggle.

Re the Search Results pane (which you will not like to stay beyond situational usefulness if you don't use the Child Items pane anyway), I tried some ways of coping with the problem (to have to first activate it by ^3, then close it by +F4, since a global "hide" command is missing; it's true that some users might also wish for such a thing for other panes, but then, they will probably want to see those anytime, whilst the search results are quite special: everybody needs that pane, but JUST after searching), including the command for automatic hiding of the pane in question (it's in the context menu for each pane), and I was not happy with the latter at all, so it's scripting again, but I'm sure a special "hide search results" command would arrange almost any user.

All the more so since in Autohotkey at least, I didn't find any solution for sending the necessary +{F4} to that pane, neither by any of several "send" commands, nor by controlsend. Thus, my macro has to retrieve the position of the pane, then add (about) 12 pix to the horizontal position and subtract (!) 12 pix to the vertical position (since I finally need the context menu of the caption, not of the list), then I send a rightclick to that position, and then, finally, I can send a "c", for "close (the pane)" to the pane's caption's context menu - that only works... Or then, some UR command "toggle the ^3 pane" (children, search results; ^c shows it in case, then sets focus to it: that's obviously different)... ;-)

Btw, I had also tried (manual) double-click on the ^3-pane caption, and that was overly (exceedingly) successful: Neither ^c nor a new search brought that pane up again, I had to close and re-open UR. I then did the same thing again, in order to verify, and again, the pane disappeared for good, and not even closing and re-opening UR did help: Perhaps the double-click, or some other means obviously had made the pane "floating", and it was now shifted beyond my screen (to the right of it), even for searches and child items display of other (!) databases. (Good to know it's beyond the screen (and thus is retrievable) if it has disappeared for good, then.)

And finally, when it's easy to close that window, the user might even resize its size and position - this comes handy with long search results lists -, e.g. placing it all over the Data Explorer, given the fact that navigation to some search result in the latter will kill the search results lists anyway; in order to situationally resize according to your respective needs, you'd need scripting though, again. (UR has a functionality for several "layouts", so if you can easily change them on-the-fly, that might be another way of doing things.)

Re the highlighting of the search results: Stable since a week or so, and not having done anything with any setting (or then, inadvertently perhaps?), the highlighted search results are black on RED, instead of black on yellow, and that of course infers with readability, besides the fact that it's aggressive on the eye. Any ideas as to possible causes?

Re highlighting the search results terms again: As we all know, any editing of ONE result item also breaks the highlighting of the terms in the other results. I don't know if doing away with this very unwanted behavior might be challenging, code-wise, or too much of recoding work?

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