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Originally posted by tfjern
jjinwi wrote:

"I am continually amazed at what UR can do :-)"

How many times have you found out how to do something useful in UR by "accident" or by scanning the forums? This is a major problem that has been discussed several times before in the forums: namely, UR has an appallingly user-unfriendly help file (albeit very neat and orderly), which seems to be in inverse proportion to the power and usefulness of the program itself. Obviously the help file was created by one or more of the actual programmers, and this is a no-no, as I believe I mentioned in a thread some time ago.

I'm sure all of us who have purchased UR want to see it succeed on the market, so I hope kinook will start thinking about providing user-friendly online videos (the current ones are inadequate) and a thoroughly redesigned help file that can show the average user in detail how to use UR's powerful features, many of which I still haven't figured out -- but thanks to these forums I am "discovering" one by one, but is this the best way to learn about the program?
people are amazed because they don't read help file (myself included :-) )

My estimate is that 95% or more of questions of users on this forum could be answered just by checking the help file. People are LAZY to look for answer ... it's 100 times easier to spell it on the forum and wait for someone to give you straightforward answer to your exact problem.

UR is very robust program with many functions and to find the answer is a problem if you don't know where to look for in the first place. Redesigning help wouldn't help much IMH. What could help is maybe adding easy examples with screenshots to help pages, especially the "Using Ultra Recall Part".

My suggestion is to read help file before you actually start looking for a help, ie. take help file as a guide that you need to read before you want to use the program. Maybe you will realize that you actually don't need help because you already know how to achieve sth ...
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