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Quant -- your nickname, "Geek," perhaps explains why you are apparently having no difficulties whatsover figuring / finding out UR's intricacies and idiosyncracies. But for the rest of us mortals (who are not blessed with a techie cognitive style) the UR help file and online videos are woefully inadequate.

You wrote, "People are LAZY to look for [the] answer," but on my part, at least, this is not the case. As I wrote before, though I discover many handy tips and tricks by roaming these forums, this is not the most efficient way to learn about the program, especially when those giving these tips are often not exactly models of clarity.

Kinook needs to overhaul drastically the help file and provide more user-friendly videos for the non-geeks. Even though I'm sure I haven't tapped even half of UR's potentials, I think UR is the best of its kind on the market, I use it everyday, but its help file and online videos need improvement.
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