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Originally posted by tfjern
the UR help file and online videos are woefully inadequate.
Absolutely NOT true for me. I find UR to be very well documented and the documentation is kept up-to-date with the frequent releases. The example databases and online videos were enough to get me started. The forums are responsive and helpful...I continue to read them to uncover how others frame and solve problem with UR.

Now that you have expressed your frustration may I suggest that you provided a detailed example of what would help people with your cognitive style which apparently is different from mine. What can't you accomplish and why do you think you can't accomplish it. What about the videos is not "user friendly".

Originally posted by tfjern
thanks to these forums I am "discovering" one by one, but is this the best way to learn about the program?
My years of experience as a teacher, mentor, coach would lead me to say yes....all the features are listed in the help...why and how you "discover" them is probably related to what you already know and what you need to do when the "new" information comes into view.

I suspect that it is the concepts of database design that are holding you (or others) back ie how do I solve this problem with a database using UR.....I think more example videos and paragraphs will allow more users to get started "painting by numbers". I think becoming a real database artist requires something different-probably the ability to "think database style", mentoring and a lot of practice. I wouldn't expect Kinook to provide that.

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