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Good Lord, Almighty!

Let me try one more time to get my simple point across (though I will have to repeat a few things first):

First, UR is an excellent product, no doubt about that, so far the best of its kind (I've tried most of them from AskSam 6.1 to OneNote 2007 to you name it), though I'm sure I have a lot more to learn about the various and powerful intricacies of UR (yes, by pouring over the admittedly well-organized help file and roaming these forums for useful tips and tricks). Those of us who have purchased the program want it to succeed commercially for the obvious reason that I want UR to stay alive and healthy and eventually conquer the entire computer world. The last thing I want to do is transport all the information I have already stored in UR onto another program if, Heaven Forbid!, UR is discontinued for, say, a lack of new customers.

Second, the documention / help file and four online "videos" are not suitable to attract and satisfy new / potential customers who among other things lack the advanced computer expertise of the Senior Members who have chimed in with various comments above, comments such as:

"Understanding UR terms and concepts is a learning process and can be frustrating."

Yes, we should all work hard to learn new terms and concepts, but wouldn't it be better to provide more user-friendly documentation / online videos, esp. if, to repeat one last time, we expect UR to attract a lot of new customers? And perhaps this is one reason a revamping of the help file is on the roadmap, and hopefully not because a few lazy or slow-learning purchasers keep harping on this issue.
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