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tfjern, I did not miss your point, perhaps you missed mine or don't know the answer to my question. That is ok.


tfjern> UR is excellent and I want it to succeed.
We agree.

tfjern> Learning to use UR is difficult and frustrating for me.

$bill> Learning to use databases effectively requires work and study.

tfjern> It is because the instructional videos and documentation are not user friendly for people who lack advanced skills.

$bill> I think the skills that you bring to the table are a major factor in what you will be able to do with UR.

We are not that far off here....

tfjern>overhaul the help file

$bill>What would help you or would have helped you?

My point - I would like you and others to offer specific suggestions if you are able to. As you pointed out, Kinook has already has "revamp the help file" on the roadmap.

ashwken gave a good example of suggestions that are needed. "one of the first hurdles I had to overcome was translating UR terminology to terms that I was familiar with (Attribute = Field, Item = Record, Parent Item and Child Items = Table, almost)" ...This comment could be implemented as a section of the help file dedicated to "for experienced database users".

If you don't know yet what you don't know- the forums are a great place to hang out!
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