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Originally posted by tfjern
If Lazio24 is right: namely, the program itself is intrinsically too difficult for average users to understand, implying that no amount of simple explanations will be possible, then it is only a matter of time before our beloved UR dies on the vine, so to speak.
several users here already suggested, that UR probably never make it as a mainstream application. It is only as difficult as you want it to be, because it is so customizable that the only limitation is your grey matter. The simple videos could certainly help, but then when you come to your database, you have to think ... how to do this how to do that ... and many people are either lazy to do that or simple don't have the capabilities (I'm not saying that they are stupid). Also, as was already mentioned, it depends whether you had contact with databases before, I had two University semesters on databases and it took me a good month to get a grasp of UR (not because it is difficult, but because it is so customizable), so you cannot expect to jump to UR and "know it all" as if by magic if you've never heard of databases before. Kinook would have to make several videos with simple database concepts and design, starting with a map and showing how it translates to UR database.

I agree with you that more videos would help (I myself wanted to make one on layouts and put it to youtube, but I coudn't make the sound and video work together on camstudio), but whether this itself would translate into more happy users of UR, I'm not so sure. But certainly worth a try ...
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