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Originally Posted by J-Mac View Post
I don’t know if the IE9 issues were ever fixed by Microsoft. I uninstalled IE9 and reverted to IE8; didn't even know that IE10 was released. Is it officially released? If it is still in beta then developers are not likely to make any changes to accommodate it as more changes would be coming.

Microsoft usually fixes what it wants to and doesn’t take any direction from others AFAIK. Not sure how you would expect Kinook to contact Microsoft about a resolution. Unless Kinook were a Microsoft Logo Program vendor, which I doubt as that is usually reserved for the very software houses and costs several arms and legs!

Thank you.

I realize very well that Microsoft fixes what it wants; Microsoft might not even consider this a problem in their own software at all. However, if Kinook does not keep in contact with Microsoft about a resolution to this problem, who will? Are the customers expected to do that? If you think small software companies cannot use the Microsoft support forums and ask Microsoft questions or report problems and expect an answer, you're sorely mistaken. I do software development myself on the Microsoft platform, and it is not infrequent that I have to contact MS about problems that I encounter.

It is not reasonable to expect all users of UR to forever not upgrade the browser that comes with their operating system, and definitely not reasonable to expect users of UR to be guinea pigs and 'test the waters' to see if the problem is fixed. I would hope that Kinook would keep up on the problem and announce here if/when a resolution was found. When the next version of Windows comes out it will automatically include version 10 of IE, and it will not be possible to downgrade to an earlier version (and definitely not desirable even if possible). There is a preview version of that new operating system available for download now. If this problem is still present in the next version of Windows, it is a heck of a lot more of a problem for UR than it would ever be for Microsoft. It is in Kinook's best interest to find out if this problem is being worked on, will ever be worked on, or if Microsoft expects software developers to use IE functionality in a completely different manner with IE9+. To just tell users to uninstall IE9 and let months pass with nothing more at all on the matter is not very proactive and could very well bode badly for UR in the future.

For all I know Kinook has already researched the problem with MS and knows about the resolution; in that case my little rant here was all for nought. However the fact that this problem has no more mention at all for several months leads me to think there's been no research.

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