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I doubt that Kinook has kept up w/Microsoft on this - just my personal feeling and not any knowledge of Kinook. And the problem with IE9 is not only with UR, but with a lot of applications - and Microsoft knows this well as it has been written up in many blogs and posted in all the Microsoft forums, including more than once by me. )Just FYI, another outliner/info collector I use - Infoqube - also requires currently that IE9 not be used...)

And still I can get no info as to any work being done on this from anyone. Frustrating, I agree.

And when IE10 is here if it also doesnít play well w/UR, I doubt that Kinook will make any big changes to UR to try to accommodate MS. Again, just my feeling but based on what I have seen in the past.

Not trying to make excuses for anyone here, but unfortunately I donít hold out much hope for a fix anytime soon. Heck, as it is I can rarely get a web page to capture in a readable format in UR unless I capture it in Scrapbook, save it as an image, and then paste it into UR.


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