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Originally Posted by J-Mac View Post

I doubt that Kinook has kept up w/Microsoft on this - just my personal feeling and not any knowledge of Kinook. And the problem with IE9 is not only with UR, but with a lot of applications - and Microsoft knows this well as it has been written up in many blogs and posted in all the Microsoft forums, including more than once by me. )Just FYI, another outliner/info collector I use - Infoqube - also requires currently that IE9 not be used...)
Jim, please see my posting directly above yours. SqlNotes (aka Infoqube) was updated in October to resolve the problem with IE9. Several other products that initially had the same problems with IE9 have since been updated and no longer have a problem.

Originally Posted by J-Mac View Post
And when IE10 is here if it also doesn’t play well w/UR, I doubt that Kinook will make any big changes to UR to try to accommodate MS. Again, just my feeling but based on what I have seen in the past.
Kinook made the decision to use the free Microsoft Rich Text edit control in UR. That is a control that is constantly evolving, as Microsoft uses it internally for IE and several other products. There is no guarantee in the world that MS will not in future updates make breaking changes that are not compatible with products designed for older versions of the rich edit control. If a company decides to use a free version of a product, then it certainly is up to them to accomodate changes that the company decides to make in their product! That's like saying in the past I always showed up at the corner of 5th and Main at 8am on the 3rd of each month to get free government cheese. Well, the government decided to change the time and place where they gave away their free cheese, but I'm not changing my plans just to accomodate them! In reality, you either adjust to the new time and place for the free government cheese (accomodate changes to the MS Richedit control) or you start going to the local grocery store to buy the cheese (commercial rich text edit controls).


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