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Originally posted by pplandry
I don't see URp and SQLNotes being in competition but complementary.

If both are based on a database, URp is geared toward single-user information integration (text, web, email, files and folders). SQLNotes is more geared towards organizing (text, numbers, dates, database-like lists, web), analyzing (calculations, summaries), sharing (multi-user) and project management (tasks, due dates, Gantt)

quite on the contrary. They are a big competition! While the calculation/summaries/multi user (on the roadmap) features are non-existent at the moment, UR can be well used for project management as well (task, due dates, ...) with full featured Calendar hopefully coming soon (incidentally using the same software provider.)

It's going to be a close race, you're doing a good job with SQLNotes!
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