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Originally posted by quant
[snip] UR can be well used for project management as well (task, due dates, ...) with full featured Calendar hopefully coming soon (incidentally using the same software provider.) [/snip]
I don't understand something. With people asking, maybe even begging for a calendar, when codejockey provides an inexpensive package, it can't be that much work to integrate it,

IMO it would immediately take URp out of the geeky category & put it into the sights of a wider user base.

I don't understand why it's such a long term project. Maybe it's not so simple but it would sure be great to get this calendar sooner than later. Speaking for myself: I'd even pay a reasonable upgrade fee for such an option.

For those interested, take a look @ codejockey's package at

Kinook is currently featured at Codejockey's home page.
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