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I've been trying to display such a virtual attribute, the indent level, anywhere, for the last two hours (including searching the "help" file and this forum, as usual).

I need that in order to write a program that would "read" the indent level of every given entry in the tree, in order to build up that same tree within another outliner (but without import functions), e.g. ActionOutline, whose better printing function would then allow me to print my UR stuff as I like it to be printed.

So please can you tell me WHERE such a virtual attribute IS / CAN BE displayed, in any fetchable way (= "select field xyz, control-c" or something), since that should be possible, in any way : Would those virtual attributes (= calculated on the spot) be totally invisible, why would they exist in the very first place (= in the "help" file and in this forum's discussion I mean, and not only internally, without being speaken here and there of) ? IF there ain't indeed accessible but by the search function, is it imaginable to search for every item in the tree, then to display all results (e.g. 813 for 813 items in the tree) in tree order (!), and an external program would then "read" those indent level indications from the search results list, one by one, to fill up its array positions accordingly ? Could this be possible, at least, or is there any simpler way of doing such a one-by-one read of those values ? By exporting a list perhaps ? Anyway, displaying such values on-screen upon request should be possible without searching / exporting, and possibly is, without my having discovered it ?

Again, it's the very basic functions of UR - here : an attribute which is there, but which I can't get access to - that make me endlessly turn around, so much for the "help" file, again. BTW, even in the status line (from which it wouldn't be "fetchable"), I cannot display that attribute "indent level". And I know there's "View - Choose Columns", and "Tools - Attributes", and "Tools - Options - Attributes", nothing helps. Generally speaking, if UR did a complete rehaul of its attributes management (understood at this point in time by perhaps 15 p.c. of its users, I (perhaps erroneously) think), UR's overall accessibility to new prospective users would be easily doubled if not tripled just by that.

Thanks for your help.

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