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Thanks to the Administrator and quant for the replay.
@Administrator: mileage may vary, but what is unusual is the time that takes to re-display it. Grateful for your suggestions (in my case I test UR on WinXPsp3 and IE8: I do not know if other combinations are better).

@quant: In the scenario above, the grabbing itself is OK: in the sense that it is showed up correctly in UR (in fact I grabbed just text short news). It is the time of import and even more the time that takes to re-access the stored note within UR that surprised me.

Usually I browse with IE, sometimes with FF. In the latter case, you mean the following steps, or something else:
1. Grab the snippet with Scrapbook
2. Copy the snippet in Scrapbook and use Win+V to pass it to UR
3. Delete the snippet in Scrapbook to avoid duplicates.

Thanks for your tip, and correct me if the above steps are faulty.

My workaround was to write some code that cleans the web selection leaving only pure text with no underling html (the script does some other things, like call the right database, etc). In that case the UR grabbing is very quick, but images and special formatting are lost.

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