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'quick search' now hangs entire database

This is a severe problem that occurred today and prevents me for doing any search. Please assist as soon as you can. This is very important as I use it on a daily basis.

The issue now is when I do a 'quick search' ...
1- UI controls clickable, but UR does not respond.
2- Editor pane freezes even when other clicking info items.
3- search never returns.
4- Eventually, I get database lock errors and AV crash errors.
5. Saved searched work fine
6- I have to kill UR process.

This is what I know for a fact ...
1- It only happens on this db.
2- It reproducible.
3- I downloaded UR today and did a re-install (UltraRecall.exe version No fix.
4- I repaired and compacted db (w & w/out reset system attributes). No fix.

This is how to reproduce the issue ...
1- Download my db file.
2- open it and invoke 'quick search' .
3- You should observe the above behvior.

Software version ...
Ultra Recall Professional 4.2b
Registered to: xxxx (1-user license)
Windows version: 6.1.7601.1.0
Install path: C:\Program Files (x86)\UltraRecall
hrs32.dll version
hts11.dll version 11,0,2,3
mimepp.dll version 3.0.4
PolarSpellChecker.dll version
riched20-orig.dll version
RICHED20.DLL version
RICHED20_nobullets.DLL version 14.0.6015.1000
SftPrintPreview_IX86_U_20.dll version 2.03
ter16.dll version
UltraRecall.exe version
unins000.exe version
Database filename: Q:\ur_Databases\TestProcSearchNotWorking.urd
Database version: 4.0.1 [FTS]
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