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Don't panic, I wasn't asking for CURRENT UR's price increase to 1,200 dollars!

Sorry for not having made it clear by the usual means, \irony off or something, that I switched from irony to serious argumentation within the original article.

Problem of this market is, there isn't enough money in all this, so developers do their work very badly (many examples elsewhere), or, in the case of UR, as a second task, as a pastime, whilst doing serious work with their main offering, and so, individual people longing for using real good IM sw, must live with sub-optimal solutions forever.

Hence my idea that there MIGHT be room for a developer who says, it'll be 1,000 bucks now, but I'll do it really good, no more endless longing for even basic functionality.

I myself was begging for a better editor within UR here, then realized kinook doesn't want to spend the (tiny) money of such a component, and at the end of the day, it's not the editor alone, it's also the db.

Compare with MyInfo (which has other faults UR doesn't have, no misunderstandig here): There, you can edit an item, then go to another item, go to a third one, back to any of the beforementioned: It's good FLOW of work, not hindered by response times of your system.

Perhaps with your comps, even UR works smoothly then, but on my (not top-notch) systems, UR makes me wait for some seconds between these above-mentioned switchings, and THAT was, in the end, the real reason I finally left: For text processing, moving bits of texts, or copying them, or doing some minor editing here, adding a word there, it's simply not the right program because of those response times, for me, whilst MyInfo does it without problems - replacing the gratis editor by a paid one, in UR, would NOT resolve the problem that for writers (of any kind of output and) with "old" comps, UR is not the right sw.

I think many of these marketing probs of outliners are caused by the fact that most corps (where the money is, and where probs are resolved by spending the money it takes) go to collaboration sw anyway, whilst those many, many tiny mom-and-pop entities, 1-man, 1-man-with-part-time-secretary, 3-people, whatever in this range, do with what they get, and didn't see yet that for the value of a weekend-trip, they'd get "incredibly better", potentially.

Hence, the near-impossibility for "small" developers to address that sleeping market, but as soon as one developing corp decided to do some serious offering, and put some marketing money into, and put small collaboration functionality within it, incl. interaction with MS Outlook and so on, just for 1 to 5 users, with 1 user paying 1 grand, up to 5 paying 2 grand and a half, it would be a total success - always given that there would be real enhancement of the work flow of such 1-5 head entities, incl. IM, good text editing features, some CRM, and so on.

Whilst today, they are file managers out there that are more expensive than e.g. UR Prof. is (which, for the innumerable quirks in UR is quite ok, actually).

Let's face it, a lawyer takes 250 bucks the hour, many take more - why should he be entitled to work with an integrated sw system that he values at 20 minutes of his time? And indeed, he doesn't find any such a system, except for more or less mediocre offerings, UR being one of the best of these.

Even if it's a cheap lawyer, "only" charging 150 bucks the hour, why shouldn't he work ONE WHOLE DAY for paying his near-perfect IM system that he gets perfectly all his work done 365 days in a year?

Even for a writer my calculation would be right: Many of them are (well) paid from some university or do have got a main job for their living, so why not pay 1 grand upfront = 3 bucks a day, for the first year, and then 500 bucks a year, or any second year, for top-notch updating?

"Outlining peple", i.e. 1- to several-heads entities needing / working with IM systems, do want to pay less for that system than they pay for their additional MS Word (in which they perhaps do their letters or something) -

and they even succeed in getting sw for that pittance.

Unfortunately, they only get what they pay for, or just only slightly more.

Since on the other side on the table, offerings in that range of payment are made by hobbyists.

(As said before, real hobbyists not being able to do better, or, e.g. in the case of kinook, people having better things to do, for most of their time.)

So much for trolling, boy.
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