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"Thus, I recommend to start a thread "I'm willing to give xyz dollars for Kinook being able to order a new & really good editor, please join in" "

I agree with you, I actually had similar idea just after the credit crunch.
I imagined it would work like this: Kinook or some loyal user would create a fund, i don't know, paypall account or whatever.

Kinook would clearly state the price and time for developing some of the most desirable features, like multi db search $$$$, better editor $$$$ etc.

And users would simply pay to this fund whatever money they would think is right towards the feature they would want Kinook to develop. Once the money for the given feature would reach what Kinook stated, Kinook would develop it within the agreed timeframe and release it, as a free update for anyone who donated towards that feature.

It think it would make the best use of money, which is very scarce in today's market, to develop exatly the features that users demand. It removes the initial investment burden risk from developer, and makes life a bit easier to them.

It's not optimal solution, but I think better than what we have now, ie no real release in a long time, and probably not any in the near future either ...

What do you guys think?

Kinook, what do you think?
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