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My First Corrupted Database

I've been playing around with the 5.0 trial as a possible RPG campaign management tool. All was going well, until this morning: I received an "Invalid database file was specified" error. Notes:

1) Running on Windows 7 64 in a VirtualBox VM
2) UR DB was open when the VM was closed (saves the state of ram, similar to hibernation. I've done this many times prior with zero issues)
3) File is stored on a shared drive (shared from the host OS, no issues with any other app)
4) When I re-open the vm, I was getting errors about not being able to find some pdfs that were open in UR tabs, although I could browse the shared folder just fine from Explorer

I've looked at the DB (a copy, actually) in a hex editor. It appears that the headers are completely gone. It doesn't even look like a SQLite file any more, so none of the usual tricks work.

1) Is there any hope of recovery? I don't have a backup unfortunately. This was a test db, and most of the stuff in it were links to external documents or web sites. The file is about 30MB, I suspect this size is due to parsed text. Still, I am dreading having to recreate everything in it. Sigh.
2) How can I prevent this in the future? I was *this* close to purchasing the product and moving my copious notes out of PhatNotes, but I must admit my confidence is a little shaken. Yes, I know I can take a backup, but that still doesn't prevent the loss of work. Is there an internal backup feature? Obviously I will be sure to close UR before closing the VM, etc.

Thanks! Great product, stupid user :0
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