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Issues with the highlight color

There are various issues with the use of the Highlight Color (I refer to rich text items):

I do not know if this is a bug or intended but anyway it does not look nice:

Usually (= in MS Word, MyInfo etc.) the highlighted stripe looks like in picture Nr. 1.

In Ultra Recall it is too high as you can see in picture Nr. 2: there is too much of the highlighted stripe under the line.

Not very important but nevertheless strange:

Let's assume I want to change the highlight color e.g. from the light yellow to green (or any other one):

So I select the highlighted area and in the editor I choose the highlight color green.
But this does not lead to the desired change: The light yellow has gone but now there is no highlight color at all. I have to click the desired color (e.g. green) a second time so that it is visible on the text line.

Let's assume I have a line beginning with some underlined letter or number, like in picture Nr. 3 (where "3." is underlined).

In the next step I want to give this line a highlight color (e.g. the light yellow).
So what happens after choosing it? The highlight color is here - but at the same time the underlinining has been extended automatically to the whole line (see picture Nr. 4). Of course this is not desired.

[I continue in a new post as the maximum number of pictures in a post is 5 and I need to attach two more.]
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