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The search features in Ultra Recall are already quite good but I think this could indeed be a useful addition. (I assume with "live word autocomplete" you mean the same as "search as you type").

Ultra Recall already offers something similar with the option "Select first match after research completes" (to find at Tools -> Options -> Search).

It depends on the specific (search) situation and the needs of the user what is more useful for him:

- "RightNote" (for example) offers "search as you type" but you always have additionally to click on the item in the search results in order to open it.

- With Ultra Recall you have to press "Enter" after typing into the search field so that the search results are displayed. But in combination with the above mentioned option ("Select first match....") you have the enormous advantage that afterwards the first matching item is displayed immediately.

Personally I tend to prefer the method offered by Ultra Recall as anyway the first item will often be the one I am looking for. So with this method I can have it on the screen very easily and quickly. (And in case I need some other item I click on it afterwards in the list with the search results.)

- Technically both methods could be combined too: "Search as you type" and automatical display of the first matching item. But I think it is difficult to find a software which offers it. I know it only from "azzCardfile" (at least in its version 4). Especially for certain needs - e.g. looking up something in a dictionary or any other type of list (names, book titles etc.etc.) - this method is incredible quick and comfortable. From this point of view "azzCardfile" is outstanding and better than any other software of this category I know.

So I think that such a combination could be an excellent feature for Ultra Recall too.

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