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How do I import data from AskSam?

In AskSam:
1) choose File | Export from the menu to export the document(s) to export
2) choose Rich Text Format for Export type
3) enter a filename
4) click the Delimiters... button
-- then String... and enter a unique string delimiter (i.e., 'my askSam export for Ultra Recall')
5) click OK
6) click Save

In Ultra Recall:
1) choose File | Import on the menu
2) choose A text or rich text file, click Next
3) enter or browse to the RTF file exported above
-- click A String
-- enter the delimiter string entered above in the String Delimiter field
-- check Match Case (if not already checked)
-- check Remove String (if not already checked)
-- click Next
4) choose the import location
5) click Finish

A separate Text item will be created in Ultra Recall for each AskSam document that was exported.
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