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Originally posted by vamp07
What the purpose of having "due date" and "needed by" date? Isn't it the same thing? Why use one for delegated tasks and another for tasks assigned to oneself? When I see stuff like this I am reminded of how wonderful a program like zoot is for this sort of thing. What you really want is for actions to happen when you drag an item to a given folder. For example marking something as completed and assigning a completed on date should happen just by dragging it to the completed folders.

The purpose of the Needed By Date is to separate those tasks, which are delegated from the Due Date Tasks, which are specifically tasks that YOU are responsible for. The workflow that you would like to see, needs to be brought to the attention of Kinook as an enhancement request. This is the only way the product will get better. We must be patient, as Ultra Recall is a relatively new program.

The functionality that you describe above is available in Ecco Pro. I would like to see some Calendar Functionality in the next version of UR, with User Designed Data Forms and saved VIEWS.
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