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Template Help

I am trying to create a To-Do Template based off the Task Template. The steps that I'm taking are:

I click on the Task Template in the Template section. I copy the task (CRTL-C) and then CTRL-V. I now have a child item under my original template task called New Task. I move the New Task to a Parent position still within the Template section.

I then click on the New Task Template and then open up the Attributes Window. It currently shows Due Date, Needed By and Priority. I want to remove Due Date and Needed By and create one with To-Do and Priority. So I click on Due Date and then the delete button within the attributes pane. A box pops up asking me if I want to delete the Due Dates field. I answer yes. I do the same thing for Needed By.

I then click on the Insert button and an Insert Item Attribute window opens up. I click on Name and select To-Do from my drop down list. I have previously added this attribute with a Category of Task and Type of Date.

It adds the To-Do item to the Attributes page and I deselect the check mark next to the date and then close the Attribute window. I click on the New Task and press INSERT, but the child item has Due Date and Needed By in the Task section, even thought the Parent ONLY has To-Do in the Task section. What am I doing wrong?
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