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Currently the @ character is not recognized as an initial character of a keyword, so no keywords will be stored with a leading @ character. Since no (auto-generated) keywords will ever start with a @ character, Ultra Recall ignores it in your search criteria, so your search criteria is actually *.

When a Quick Search criteria uses a wildcard symbol (*, ?, [ or ]), Ultra Recall basically does a Matches Wildcard type search for you behind the scenes (searching all string Attributes and keywords). In your case, since the @ will currently never exist in (auto-generated) keywords, Ultra Recall ignores it. The resulting * search (of keywords), which will obviously find all Info Items.

The workaround for now (actually it isn't so much a workaround as a more specific search) is to change your search to be an Advanced Search with a criteria of Item Title matches wildcard @* . This should work as expected.

We can change Ultra Recall to allow the @ character at the beginning of keywords which will make these searches work as expected on keywords as well...
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