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Originally posted by kinook
Ah. Parent Title shouldn't be in the list of searchable attributes (as that capability is not currently implemented). You can do a search for the parents via an Advanced search of:

Item Title matches wildcard @*
and Has Children equals Yes

(make sure Has Children is checked in Tools | Options | Attributes if it doesn't show in the list of attributes in the search grid).

We'll consider adding this capability in a future release.
I have Parent Title selected as the Attribute in my template, but I'm using "contains keywords" as the Comparison operator and I have *@ as the value and this "appears" to be working for me. I also have To-Do >= to Today's Date and FLAG is indented to the right of the To-Do row. All operators on the left are AND. The only problem I'm having with the searches, is the issue with the "=" operator is not working properly for dates. So, if you're looking for something >= to Today's date, it will only process the > date. Bummer.
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