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Originally posted by kinook
Ah. Parent Title shouldn't be in the list of searchable attributes (as that capability is not currently implemented). You can do a search for the parents via an Advanced search of:

Item Title matches wildcard @*
and Has Children equals Yes

(make sure Has Children is checked in Tools | Options | Attributes if it doesn't show in the list of attributes in the search grid).

We'll consider adding this capability in a future release.
The Parent Title search option is critical to add to your next version. This will facilitate searching based on a folder structure of Parent/Child. To only be able to search on the Child item, really limits the flexibility of the program. This is not an attack, but an observation from a person that would like to see this product succeed.

To give you an example. In my GTD template I have a Folder called Next Actions (Parent Folder) and Subfolders called @Computer, @Customer Site, @Email, @Meetings, @Phone, etc. It is these folders that I would like to place my Tasks, which will be children of the @ folders.

It would be advantageous to do a query of one's database to show ALL task regardless of context that are due today or within the next 7 days AND have NOT been Completed. This Search criterion above would yield all data from ANY of my @ folders as long as the date contraint is met and the task has not been completed. Without the Parent Title Search option, I have to build a query for each @folder.... not elegant.
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