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Re: Re: Getting Things Done Template 1.1, by Wil Ussery

Originally posted by VincentPeppe
Without a robust text editor, and without the "one pane with columns" approach of Ecco, I don't see UR as a potential PIM or Project Manager. It beats Windows Explorer as a way to aggregate related documents and images, but it has no tools for outlining tasks in hierarchies. Also, while it can collect web pages, it does not automatically capture the URL string or any other information about the page, as does Onfolio.

I am still looking for an Ecco replacement and have had trouble installing Ecco on a Windows XP machine. I am also searching for a research collector, annotator, that can receive feeds.

Nonetheless, UR is beautifully executed. The care and attention, and style, shine through.
All I can say is go to the suggestions area and post what you would like to see in a future version of UR.
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