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What you are seeing is a minor bug in the lastest version. The issue is that a minor change is made to each Info Database when first opened with version 1.2 (which doesn't affect your data). Apparently this change requires some database queries to be reconstructed before the compact method will work again (an undocumented "feature" in the database engine are using).

No data is compromised and the workaround is simple: do a Compact and Repair without checking the Reset all system information to defaults the first time after upgrading to Version 1.2 of Ultra Recall.

Note: Version 1.2 fixes the basic Repair functionality to not replace removed formatted text for the system Info Items (as it previously did). A Basic Repair will only check (and correct) any errors that might exist in your Info Database for errors and is safe for routine use.

Note 2: You can check the Reset all system information to defaults checkbox, but doing so will restore the system Info Items in your Info Database to their initial values (not needed in this case, and will modify user-edited system data unnecessarily).
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