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Calendar pane to schedule tasks

This one may be asking for a lot, but it would make UR so much more powerful as a planning tool rather than just an information manager. What I am looking for is a better way to schedule tasks.

I would like to see a pane that contains a Calendar control (ie, that looks like the Daily and Work Week views in Outlook... maybe there is a 3rd party control available?). It would work as follows:

- drag an Info Item (such as a Task) on the Calendar control to create an Event Info Item that is shown on the Calendar, is linked to that Info Item and has Start Date/Time and End Date/Time attributes based on where on the control it was dropped. Start/End times of the Event would be changeable by dragging the event and/or its borders (like in Outlook).

- some indicator on the Task Info Item that shows that it is scheduled (maybe an indicator on the icon?)

- when Outlook Synchronization is implemented, synchronize all Event Info Items with the Calendar

Alternatively, it might better if rather than creating a separate linked Event Info Item, the Task Info Item was just "scheduled" with a Start/End time assigned (but still synchronized to an Event in Outlook). And the Calendar pane displayed all "scheduled" info items.

Simple, right?
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