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Good points. I have moved all my task management out of Outlook into UR so that I can organize all my information using a Goal>Project>Task hierarchy. But I hate working off of Task lists... I like to have the tasks put into my calendar with their durations and work off of that. What I miss is the ability to schedule tasks into my calendar (not that Outlook is great at that but it does help a little... the Taskline add-in is handy for that).

Until there is better Outlook integration in UR, I wrote an Outlook VBA macro that will get my UR Tasks into my Outlook calendar. I copy Search Results items (sorted by Priority) from UR, then in Outlook run the macro and it enters the Tasks into the Calendar in sequence starting at a specified time and with their respective durations. Then I manually drag the items around in the Calendar to optimize my schedule. It's not as automatic as Taskline but I prefer to manually arrange the tasks anyway and this just gives me a headstart by getting all the selected tasks into the calendar in a logical sequence. The tasks aren't linked to the events (although you could do that manually but not worth the hassle) but I still find it useful for planning.

PS If anyone wants a copy of this macro, reply here and I can email it or post it.
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