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Hmm, you will have to compile this 'main binary file' projectly separately from the rest of the projects anyway, since you are using different increment logic for it compared to the rest of the projects...

And you must already be detecting whether a change was made to a support file...

Do you always increment the revision number of the support components?

My suggestion is: use a compile step to compile all the projects which increments the revision number on a change (standard fare...).

Populate a macro with true when any component (including the 'main binary file' project) was changed changed, false otherwise...

Then have another compile step (compiling only the 'main binary file' project) with ForceBuild = true and set to increment the build number (but execute this step conditionally on the macro value (described above).

I know this will require compiling the main project twice, but from my perspective, this is the cleanest method of achieving what you are requesting.

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