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UI display problems on Windows 2019

We're trying to narrow down things, but we're observing some odd behaviors of UI elements disappearing on VBP 10.2 on a Windows 2019 server. We don't observe the issue on Windows 2016 servers. It's difficult to pin down exactly what's happening, but I thought I'd do a post in case anyone else is experiencing some strange behavior.

The Windows 2019 server has only ever had VBP 10.2, so I don't know if an earlier version behaves differently.

We RDP into a Win 2019 server and run VBP. The disclosure triangles on the script hierarchy don't appear. I can still click to expand/contract the area, but no triangles. Someone else has also reported that some UI elements, such as the tabs on the main window sometimes don't appear (but a logout and login may may them reappear). We don't notice these behaviors on Windows 2016 servers.

We both have high-resolution monitors on our laptops. I don't know if that factors into anything or not. I found that if I RDP into a desktop computer that is not high resolution, and then RDP to the Win 2019 server from there, that I do see the disclosure triangles. That makes me wonder if the high-DPI has anything to do with it.

Since we're working remotely, we're less able to experiment with different hardware to observe if there's a difference. I tried changing the display scale, but I don't have anything conclusive about doing so.

I thought I'd report this in case there's anything to try or anyone else is finding other strange issues.
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