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There is a related thread on deleting user defined keywords. At present, there is no way of removing a user defined keyword from the list unless you search for all items with that keyword and then remove the keyword (by unchecking it) from all items. The effect is that all instances of this user defined keyword are removed and it is then removed from the user defined list. A little invoved, but it works.

Now how does this explain your situation? If I understand your scenario, the template you have defined has a list of user defined keywords that are unique. If you leave them, they will appear in all items based on your template. However, if you delete the only instance (appearing in your template), it will be deleted from the list.

As I write this, I can think of a work around. Create just one item based on your template. The go back to your template and uncheck the user defined keywords that you would like unchecked by default. All new items based on this modified template should (I think - I have not tried this) appear with the checked and unchecked user defined keywords.

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