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Version 5.4

Released on 2/18/2019

Updated on 6/5/2019 (UltraRecall.exe in Help | About)*

  • Support Ctrl+Backspace shortcut in trees, lists and dialogs to delete previous word.* []
  • Phrase match by default option (Tools | Options | Search).* []
  • Match word anywhere by default option (Tools | Options | Search).* []
  • Zoom text editor with Control+mouse wheel.* []
  • Option to focus Search Results pane after search completes (Search options page).* []
  • Enable Insert Child (Insert key) and Insert Sibling (Shift+Enter) from Search Results pane.* []
  • Use AES encryption for password-protected databases.
  • Disable navigation sound when selecting items.
  • Don't highlight spelling corrections for read-only items.

    Bug Fixes
  • Error opening View | Choose Columns dialog.* []
  • Mouse wheel scroll expanding collapsed items.* []
  • Error linking item(s): Invalid parameter when copying and pasting from search results into tree.* []
  • Rare crash when right-clicking in text editor.* []
  • Sporadic error when restarting long-running search.* []
  • Error loading related items pane.* []
  • Fix laggy mouse wheel scrolling in text editor.* []
  • Mouse wheel scrolling in trees and lists not working correctly for 'Screen at a time' setting.* []
  • Error when copying to clipboard after cutting items and hoisting to another part of the tree.* []
  • Couldn't delete some item attributes (Contact, Document, Message, Reminder, Task categories).* []
  • Change default shortcut for global import hotkey (Import options page) from Win+Shift+V to Ctrl+Win+Shift+V since no longer available on Windows 10 Fall 2018 Update.* []
  • Process does not exit with multiple databases open.* []
  • Crash when exporting entire tree to XML/HTML.
  • Error when clicking on item in Insert Child tear-off menu.
  • Error message when selecting Format | Move Up/Down with no selection.
  • NEAR, AND, OR, and NOT searches not working without 'Match whole words' option checked.
  • Search label cut off in high DPI mode.
  • Wrong font used for drop-down in CSV import grid and Favorites dialog.
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