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Kinook, just curious...

From the Help File:

Note: Displayed is the Simple mode of this dialog which shows the summary values that are provided for all file types. An Advanced mode is typically available as well, which provides access to values specific to a specific file type (and where custom values can be defined as well).

Ultra Recall supports capturing of summary information for keywording and attribute values when importing documents.

Many documents, such as Microsoft Office documents, digital camera picture files, music files, etc., contain summary info that can be useful in better identifying or locating a file at a later time. This information is stored for a document by Windows in a manner similar to Info Item Attributes (a name, type and value).


Ultra Recall provides access to this document summary information in two ways:

Automatically keywords valid string information contained in any document summary property.

Adds Info Item Attributes for any document summary property that has a name which matches the name of an Attribute defined in Ultra Recall (case-insensitive match).

Note: This functionality can be disabled by unchecking the box Map Explorer summary properties to existing Ultra Recall attributes.

How "deep" does UR support Windows File Property attributes (tags)?

Is the support for just the Summary-Simple attributes, or is the intention to also support the Summary-Advanced attributes?

It would appear that some Summary-Advanced attributes are recognized during import while others are not.

Another part of this question, the Summary-Advanced attributes for a jpg created by a camera are not the same as a jpg created on the computer (jpg, bmp, png created on the computer seem to have the same set of attributes).

Just looking for some insight on how best to leverage the Windows File Properties.
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