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Search for folder as I type and F3 to search for Next Match

Under Tools, Options, Import, I have ticked Select location when importing or pasting from other applications.

Thus when I have clicked Copy to Ultra Recall, a dialog box would appear allowing me to select the appropriate folder.

Selecting a folder would be a cinch if I had say 5 folders, but after a while, I may have 100+ folders.

And I may name the folders

Software to Test
Ultra Recall Tips
Software General
General hardware
House Maintenance
Software Freeware
Books to read
Software Miscellaneous

Ideally, when I type software in the dialog box, it would start matching the characters as I type.

So if I type Softw quickly, I would end up with Software to Test being matched.

But what if I intended to go to Software Miscellaneous

There's no simple way to tell Ultra Recall to go to the next match such as in Firefox by pressing F3

Likewise, it would have been nice if matching need not start with the first character.

So for example, if I knew I had only the word Miscellaneous appearing in Software Miscellaneous, I could have just as easily just type Misc to get to the correct folder or for that matter cellan.

Do take note that the folders could also be scattered in any order in the Dialog box - ie they are not necessarily ordered nicely.

Actually, I should add that such a Search as you type enhancement should be there for all Dialog boxes or Pane
- such as the Jump Dialog box or the Data Explorer pane

Actually you will find this Search as you type not only in software like Firefox and Internet Explorer (although in IE's case, I think it is via the IE7Pro Add-in) in many other intuitively useful software that makes for a very friendly UI. See the thread at below

SuperboyAC's DC blog #2 (Live Search feature in software) -
"The Live Search Feature
Fast and Fun Searching

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