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This was already suggested, and I was against it ;-) (you can search the forum, it was quite long discussion)

There is already "filtering" in the main application. Go to search, click on "search titles only" and it will find items that match what you type on the fly. The filtering like you suggest could be implemented directly to UR data explorer, this was suggested many times, I think it would be quite useful for many users.

The "select location ..." dialogue is growing and growing, people suggested to be able to rename items, be able to create new item, etc. ...but all these are readily available in the main app, and I don't see the point to recreate this in some dialogue window again. I think this is waste of developer's time.

What is the difference?

1. you click on the button in Firefox, then some limited dialogue opens, and you wish there was this and that, at the end you click OK. Then you need to return to your browser, so you press alt-tab.

2. press alt-tab to navigate to UR from your browser, do whatever you need to do, create new items, rename them, navigate by "filtering" to the one you want, alt-tab to Firefox and click on the button.

The second option is only one alt-tab more (because you need the second alt-tab in the case 1 if you want to return to your browser)

For some people, even this one more press of alt-tab is too much, so what I suggested was this:

when you click on those buttons in your browser, instead of that dialogue window, the whole app would show up (if you had this in the setting), there would be some toolbar icon indicating that you have a web link in the clipboard. You do whatever you need to do, create/rename/filter/... at the end, instead of clicking on OK in the dialogue window, one would click on that toolbar icon. So it would be the same steps like using the limited dialogue, but you'd have the power of the whole UR at disposal.
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