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Originally posted by bookman
I'm not sure if we are on the same topic. Perhaps I may have not expressed it in a very clear way.

Perhaps to make sure we are referring to the same thing, perhaps you can kindly point me to the thread you are referring to.

This was suggested:
in the dialogue, there would be a line above the explorer tree. It would filter the items in the tree as you type.

It was suggested many times for the main UR app, and there was a long discussion how it should display children etc. It is now on the roadmap
Some users also suggested this for the importing dialogue, which is very similar to what you're suggesting, I guess:
the advantage is that it shows all the matches at once instead of the need to go the next match by pressing F3. Disadvantage is that you lose the tree structure, which I presume would be still visible in your approach.
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