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Looks like I would need to take a while to wade through the discussion threads.

But in the meantime, perhaps allow me to just present a simple problem to illustrate a problem many face would likely face.

Just take another dialog, the Jump dialog rather than the Import into Ultra Recall dialog so that we don't cloud the issue with that of deciding where one should import an item into, be but restrict it to one of a generic navigation problem.

Essentially the problem is the same - it is how do one locate the folder needed easily and efficiently - hence drastically reducing the steps needed and then to accomplish what one wants to do in or with that folder.

So something as simple as Jumping to a folder (Alt L) dialog for example, if a user has to look for a folder - say one out of a hundred plus, it can be quite an effort.

If something takes too much effort, then it is unlikely to be used often.

So the F3, ie search again (the search is already implemented as least starting with the first character - although not so the search starting from any character) may not take a lot of developmental effort.
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