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Originally posted by quant
yes, and this was discussed as well, again the dialogue is waste of developers time, IMHO. Second data explorer pane was suggested, and it is on the roadmap as well ;-)
My only comment is the Dialog is an Interface to the user - does it help make the user life easier or not so easy.

Perhaps, whether this is a waste of developer's time is best left to the developer to decide - because none of us really knows the program better than he does.

Kevina is probably in a better position to decide whether he prefers to invest the time to make the user's job easier so that he can eventually reap a return on his time or he decides that the X hours he would spend would be better invested in something else so that he reaps a greater return on his time.

It is really as you say, an allocation of scarce resources but he has to be the judge.
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