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Originally posted by bookman
My only comment is the Dialog is an Interface to the user - does it help make the user life easier or not so easy.
Have a look at the jump dialogue for example. The developers added new features to it, like "insert", "rename". But the next suggestion could be that you don't want to insert default child but some other. Then imagine you make a mistake, so you would like to delete in that dialogue,etc ... in the end they would keep on adding features (and spending time ;-) ) that are already available in the main application. So it makes sense to just have another data explorer where EVERYTHING is already available, nothing to add what is not already in the main app. I think the same applies to your suggestion. If there is some filtering + F3 done, then I'd prefer if it's made on the application level, not in some dialogue. In this case, you could use your filtering any time, not just when jumping ... the same with importing dialogue ... just my point of view
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