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Originally posted by quant
Have a look at the jump dialogue for example. The developers added new features to it, like "insert", "rename". But the next suggestion could be that you don't want to insert default child but some other. Then imagine you make a mistake, so you would like to delete in that dialogue,etc ... in the end they would keep on adding features (and spending time ;-) ) that are already available in the main application. So it makes sense to just have another data explorer where EVERYTHING is already available, nothing to add what is not already in the main app. I think the same applies to your suggestion. If there is some filtering + F3 done, then I'd prefer if it's made on the application level, not in some dialogue. In this case, you could use your filtering any time, not just when jumping ... the same with importing dialogue ... just my point of view
Actually quant, we are really in deep agreement on this.

You will find like in many programs mentioned in this thread earlier, even in programs like Firefox or X1 etc the search as you type is system wide.

There is likely no specific "implementation" at dialog box level so to speak of.

When I gave the example of Jump, yes, it may be a dialog box I'm talking about, but I have to refer to something.

But in many programming situations, with the little knowledge I have, I'm sure it is applied system wide.

In fact, the Jump, Link/Move, Import to Ultra Recall looks exactly the same. It is modularized.

I do not believe that for a smart programmer like Kevina who can write a program like Ultra Recall, the Dialog Box presents any problem at all - it is probably a modular sub routine which is called by another program.

In fact, each Dialog Box look exactly the same - except for the Title of each Box.

I used to write some VBA routines and in like maybe 80% to 90 % of the time, I reuse a piece of code and modify just a small portion of it - no big deal.

A couple of examples in Ultra Recall you can test for yourself to demonstrate that what the programmer does is really system wide.

To quote from your example "insert", "rename".

Just because Kevina added the Insert and Rename in the Dialog Box, it does not mean he had spent a lot of time on it - in fact, it is mere cosmetics if I may venture - a really insignificant amount of time really - perhaps someone else with programming experience can validate what I say.

In fact you can accomplish the Insert (and even Insert Child) and Rename without even the two Buttons provided by the Dialog Boxes.

Just do this test -

Just press Alt - J to call up the Jump Dialog Box
Click any folder or item you see.

Press the Ins key on your Keyboard - You actually start a New Folder - without using the Button in the Dialog Box.

Similarly, highlight any item.
Now press F2
What do you have - you are in the rename mode, just as if you have actually pressed the Rename Button on the Dialog Box only that you didn't.

Similarly, if you again click the ALREADY selected item and wait for a moment - like about 1 sec, you are again in the rename mode - same as if you have actually pressed the Rename Button on the Dialog Box only that you didn't.

In fact, you can try this Ins and F2 anywhere throughout Ultra Recall without a Insert Button or Rename Button - it is implemented system wide whether in the Explorer Pane, Search Pane or Link/Move, Import to Ultra Recall Dialog Boxes.

In fact this is possibly implemented at the OS level and the Dialog Box Insert and Rename Buttons are really to call up the ALREADY available functions for those unaware of it.

So we can really help Kevina to help all users if each of us focus our energies on sharing user perspectives about how the Ultra Recall could be made easier to use - basically things only users like us can see that the programmer is unlikely to see simply because he's not a "Novice User" like us.

We then best leave it to him to judge how best to implement or not to implement - best not to second guess the effort required - none of us are equipped to do it.

Now if each of us have to second guess how much effort is required to implement a certain functionality, then how many of us are going to make any suggestions at all.

The net result is we end up with little or no suggestions at all and Kevina will spend even more time trying to second guess what users like to see - and that requires a heck of a lot of time and effort on his part and besides it would not be possible for him to do this role well.

For what it's worth, the more friendly a user interface, the greater Ultra Recall market penetration.

Think iPhone - it's the user interface that has made it into a game changer and the rest are now trying to play catch up.

I don't think anyone of us would like to see Ultra Recall end up as a program that is too hard to use or understand.

I'm taking the trouble to articulate my thoughts simply because I would like to make better use of Ultra Recall and I think intuitiveness is really an art - see below

Better for us to keep the creative suggestions flowing and let him do the judgment call on the time required and decide if it is worth his time investment.

Perhaps Kevina can chime in on this last statement with his words of wisdom.

Apologies for the long post - I do care about success of Ultra Recall just like many of the forum users here.

Thank you and of course, I acknowledged that I may be absolutely wrong in all that I have said above.


An example of what a great user interface can do in another program take a look at :

(The thread below on Fineprint was viewed 34000 times as of today)

Mini-Review of Fineprint (Virtual Printer) -

"No convoluted step by step tutorials needed - fly solo on your first flight with Fineprint !

Hmm, it looks like the only thing missing is the kitchen sink.

This program is so well designed it is a real "Work of Art" and very functional at that !"

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