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And yes, my shallow dummy ITEMS system to do separator lines within flat outline hierarchies, and my shallow dummy FILES system to introduce separator lines into any file system (= grouping on the deepest level of your file system, instead of having "too long lists there" or making some further hierarchy level), displayed by any file commander of your choice, can perfectly be extended to shallow dummy FOLDERS, suddenly grouping, same-level, all your relevant folders on any higher / intermediate level (by this sparing you many such intermediate folder levels) in your file system in general. Just avoid scrolling, i.e. introduce intermediate folder levels whenever your lists get really too voluminous, but for 30, 40 folders, just as for 30, 40 files within a folder, grouping them by smart naming AND by divider lines, is the way to go.

(Let me clarify: When I say, "displayed by any file commander of your choice", I'm not speaking of divider lines in the comment attribute of such folders and files, since most file commanders ain't able to display that attribute. On the other hand, you can easily give smart NAMES to such dummy folders / files (as you would do to such dummy items, within your outliner), e.g. real folders abblahblah, bablahblahblah, and, in-between, a dummy folder named abz---------- for separating them, and such a system is universally applyable indeed.)

Hold it flat, but hold it clearly arranged at the same time. That applies to items, to files, and to folders, hence smart naming and separator lines in every one of these three cascading systems. You'll search a lot less then, and you'll think better than you thought in the past: It's really all about mental representation of originally "too much stuff", which, when ordered as flat as posssible / reasonable, will suddenly become much more "available" to your thinking, to your consideration, than it had been before - which is the secret behind my flat-hierarchy system. "Design" at its best is for a purpose, then.

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