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Originally Posted by LM7 View Post
Based on my experience, the best way to solve such problems is to open a/the document in Word and set the display size and other parameters to whatever you desire; then when you view the document internally in UR, it will display according to your regular view settings in Word.
That's not the way it works. I have two screens with very different resolutions, the main laptop screen is 3200x1800 the second screen is a monitor plugged into the laptop which is much bigger physically but a much smaller number of pixels.

When opened normally, outside UR, MS Word scales to suit the screen it is on.

When opened within UR on the Monitor it appears normal size but fuzzy as if a smoothing filter has been applied.

If opened within UR on the laptop main screen it is scaled up to what it would look like on the monitor screen if it were scaled to the same number of pixels as on the laptop screen.

If the monitor is not plugged in then it appears at a normal scaling, but when I am at home or in the Lab at work I always plug in a second monitor.

I don't understand what is going on here!
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