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Well, the cloak command is not working for me when adding it to the list. I may be able to play with it some more to get it to work, but it is not working with some of the command line parameters that are used. I will have to play with the options to see how it affects the command line parameters and to see if I can find a combination that works.

Have you considered adding an option that would allow you to edit the command line directly in the properties. I was thinking something along the lines of building the command line with the available options and displaying the command line in a disabled text box. You could have an option to edit the command line which would enable the text box and disable the other options as long as you are editing the command line directly. I understand that it may be a little more difficult to go back, but you could always just set it back to the last configuration set in the options. I think a good example is found in Outlook. If you try to filter the contacts in Outlook a property sheet is displayed. The last tab is named SQL. On this tab is a text box and a checkbox. The text box is disabled by default and displays the SQL statement for the selected option in the other tabs. If you check the check box the text box is enabled so you can edit the SQL directly, but you cannot go back to any other tabs while the check box is checked. I think this model would fit well here.
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