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Version 3.1.1

Released on May 31, 2007


  • Update user agent used during web page import (identify as Internet Explorer 7 instead of Netscape 4).

    Bug fixes

  • Unsaved changes to current item lost if not saved before modifying form.
  • Setting Date Completed of Outlook task in UR can cause error dialog.
  • Importing very large delimited text file does nothing.
  • Tree | Link from rich text editor within form doesn't create internal link.
  • Potential fix for 'Error refreshing titles' error with multiple tabs open.
  • Images in web page that are incorrectly identified by web server as text/html are not imported properly.
  • Invalid URL error when viewing imported web page containing non-URL links starting with "www.".
  • Matches Wildcard operator doesn't find user-defined keywords containing spaces with user-keyword-only option unchecked.
  • "Column Keyword is not unique" error when repairing database for some users.
  • Location system attribute not being keyworded.
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