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1. I followed the below message and it works. I had added the eml and nws to the string earlier not realizing it was already in the middle of the string so when I removed nws and eml the original was still there. I should have looked more closely.

"If you remove .eml and .nws from the above option and add it to 'Tools | Options | Documents | File extensions to display in MIME viewer,' UR will show the message in its internal MIME viewer (text format messages only)."

2. What I do not understand was the other part of your message shown below... because my Win7 IS set to open
eml file extensions yet all I did was follow your instructions about placement of the extensions into the internal MIME viewer and I am able to see the emails as text ? What am I missing?

"If you have .eml and .nws added to 'Tools | Options | Browser | File extensions to display in internal browser view,' and Windows is configured to open those file extensions in Thunderbird, IE/Windows (hosted in UR for the internal browser view) will show the message in Thunderbird. That's not something we have control over -- it's configured in Windows.

3. QUESTION - Is UR able to display email messages and still be able to click on links and work? I guess what I mean is to have the email stored as I got it.

AGAIN, Thanks for the help... Anne

<b>NEWS</b>.................... I am finding that "SOME" of my email messages still open into thunderbird... ??????

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