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And yes, I'm aware that the previous post is inconsistent, dashboards with MM, and then in UR, and then in MM again: I'm in the groping stage.

Another thing: You can do legal case building / analyses (or whatever you might call it, I mean checking the facts, the legal dispositions, and to "synch" both, in a way that you come to the resolution of the case) with any outliner (or with b-liner), but I've never been happy with this, because the outlines went too deep (or when I tried to hold them flat, siblings instead of children got in my navigational way).

Today, I made a try within MM, with - as I had advocated above - the (tiny) details not hidden anymore, as with my legal outlines, but clearly visible within the map(s) - yes, for an a little elaborate case, you'll have to split up the main mm map possibly several times. My first reaction: It's a relief! My second discovery: It's much faster than in outlining, possible because of that visibility of the details, instead of just working with headline as in an outliner. (And, of course, MM's ability to shuffle around items / sub-branches with the keyboard, is enormously helpful in this.)

Sideline: I now understand better why the 1-pane outliner NoteMap (development halted, some bugs, might make you lose data as some people say) is marketed within a legal context, even if I abhor 1-pane outliners: The details (= not the sources, but the "executive summary of the sources) must be visible (and in a 1-pane outliner, they are).

I also have no probs with my "hold it flat" doctrine in an mm map, as I had in too flat an outline.

It's fast, smooth legal working within an mm, so even will "dry stuff", your thinking is greatly enhanced (of course, there are ToDo and strategy branches, and such, besides the ones for dissection your , and even in these...)

Very encouraging, will certainly do lots of such work within MM!

So, even with stricly logical stuff, the "left-brained" stuff according to Buzan, mm's work tremendously well, again for their graphical ease:

- It's all there (and not hidden behind just headlines)

- and (and this is not given within an outline, even in the 1-pane variety), it's clearly separated (= big prob in outlines, but divider lines then are of big help, except that then, the outline goes even more unbearably long! Or do you turn your 27" screen into portrait mode?!!!),

- AND it's all sufficiently de-compacted so as to allow for pleasant working (= the opposite ruling outlines, causing their one real prob).

And a last point: I overlooked "direct" collaboration, within my tentative development above: In a little network, it should be possible for anyone / certain people to have at their screen the mm maps (as every other files) of a colleague, their collaborators, or of whomever (i.e. with or without access M), these files being stored on a "server" or in a common folder or such. And then, it should be possible to access these "other" mm maps, in real time, and perhaps even when their "owner" (or any other user in the network) works on them, too. And I think as soon as you include such "map-sharing" within your frame of possible concepts, you'll probably get better solutions for "Individual and Collaborative ToDo M", as if by updating processes, be them by real-time-triggered macros or by "basket macros", triggered here and only to work by batch-processing. Here again, macros would serve for prototyping purposes mainly.
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